Writer, Director [2012]

Cars 2

Creative Executive [2011]

Toy Story 3

Creative Executive [2010]


Voice; Senior Creative Team; Executive; ADR [2009]


Executive [2008]


Story [2006]

Chicken Run

Additional Story [2000]

The Road to El Dorado

Additional Storyboard Artist [2000]


Story [1999]

The Prince of Egypt

Director [1998]

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Storyboard Artist [1996]

The Lion King

Story Supervisor [1994]

Beauty and the Beast

Story [1991]

The Rescuers Down Under

Storyboard Artist [1990]

The Little Mermaid

Storyboard Artist [1989]

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

In-Between Artist; Additional Animation [1988]

The Real Ghost Busters

Animator, Pre-Production [1986-87]

Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats

Lip Sync Checker [1986]

Dennis the Menace

Lip Sync Checker [1986]

Rock ‘n’ Wrestling

Character Designer [1985]


Special Thanks

Ratatouille [2007]

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas [2003]

Tale as Old as Time: The Making of Beauty and the Beast [2002]

Shrek [2001]


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