Writing Stories: Find Your Passion

Find your writing passion When it comes to writing stories, there’s no question that coming up with a concept is always the most difficult part of the process. And coming up with something new, different and original is no easy task. One of our readers, Keren, recently submitted a question on this topic and I thought it made sense to write about that here – in case that’s something you’re wrestling with, too.

Keren, and any other writer out there reading this and nodding your head, rest assured you’re not alone. All storytellers/writers suffer from the same questions and worries. It does sometimes feel as though there are no new stories and that everything has already been done. But that’s not really the case. There’s always another way to tell a story.

It Starts With Passion

Writing a great story starts with passion. When I write or think about story, I go for what I feel a passion for—something that inspires me to write it. Whether that’s an experience, a relationship, a memory, a fascination, an obsession… you name it. Whatever it is that inspires you to write—write about it. Then bring yourself to it. That alone will make it original. You are an individual—cultivate your own voice in your writing.

Ask Questions

Talk to yourself as part of the process. I know, that sounds silly, but it works. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What is your point of view on the story you write?
  • What inspired you most about this story?
  • How would you like the story to play out?

Don’t rely on what someone else may have done in the past. You can be inspired by someone else’s work and you can even use that as a starting point for the thinking process. But then jump beyond it and bring your own newness to your story and your writing.

Never Stop Telling Stories

Yes, most likely there are no new stories to tell. We could probably fit every story ever written or told in a few of the same boxes. But if we stopped trying to tell stories just because we think they’ve already been told, we’d never get a new generation’s point of view. We wouldn’t get a fresh look at things. It’s not the subject, but the way it is told, the passion that’s infused, the feelings it evokes–that makes something worth telling.

So get in there, find your passion, write about it—giving it twists and turns and conflicts or whatever you need to make it interesting for you. Have people you trust and admire read your work and give you their opinions. Listen to their notes, and use them at your own discretion… or don’t use them if you disagree. Getting honest feedback and a fresh eye is always helpful and keeps us all honest in our storytelling.

What is it that you’re passionate enough to write about? And what advice or tricks do you have to share? We’d all like to know!

Image by jetheriot via Creative Commons

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