My Little Thatched Cottage By The Sea

Brenda Chapman Ireland trip I’m back on U.S. soil, and happy to be back with my family. I was in heaven in this little cottage on the beautiful and rugged coast of County Donegal! As I spent time in my own version of paradise, I thought about the past few years – how rough they have been on me creatively, yet how much freedom I have now. As painful as losing Brave was, I thought about other projects while sequestered away in this dream place.

I felt like a butterfly, flitting from idea to idea, just trying to get the gist of things written down so that I wouldn’t lose the thoughts. It was both wonderful and frustrating at the same time. I love that new ideas were rushing through me, but I wanted to dig in and really absorb myself into just one of them. I thought this would have been the place to do that. Instead, it just opened up my mind to more. I should accept that as a really, really good thing! I have a lovely studio here at home in which I can sink my teeth back into just one project – so I shan’t complain. See? My time in Ireland has even influenced my speech!

As I had time to reflect, I also debated with myself whether I want to continue in the film industry. Part of me wants to be the recluse and just write. But another part of me really misses the creative energy that a team of artists exudes. I am torn. So for the next few months – I write. I’ll let time be the judge of where I land after Brave is released.

This was the perfect writer’s retreat, unless, of course, you need people around you to get your creative blood flowing. I liked the solitude. It rejuvenated me.

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