Calling All Writers: 3 Social Networks You’ve Got To Try

Social networks for writers Because of my career in animation, storyboarding, writing and directing, I’ve only recently discovered how lonely writing full time can be. I’ve always worked in a very social atmosphere, sequestering myself away for only a day or a week at a time when I really needed to get some serious writing done for a project.  As much as I love writing more steadily, I often feel really isolated.

Yet as social networks continue to multiply at an astounding rate, a number of writing-oriented social sites have popped up. Think of these sites as instant portals of camaraderie, commiseration and inspiration. If you’re a writer, consider joining one (or all) of these networks and expand your writing community.

3 Social Networks For Writers

Gather. Consider Gather your freelance HQ. Gather members, well, gather to discuss a variety of current issues, including entertainment, politics and technology. If you enjoy other opinions and commentary, you’ll soon be addicted to Gather’s fast-moving pace. It’s also an ideal place to network with other freelance writers—after all, when it comes to any endeavor, there’s strength in numbers!

Book-In-A-Week. Only other writers can understand the pure frustration and stress that comes when you’re working on a novel. If you’re battling a work in progress, head to Book-In-A-Week where you’ll decide your own goals and submit them to the designated community thread prior to the Monday of the first full week of the month. During the BIW (Book-In-A-Week), you’ll write as much as you can and post your daily totals to your group. If you need support and accountability, BIW is the perfect option. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to finish a book in a week, but if you do, well, I’ll consider you a writing rockstar! As you write, keep BIW’s motto in mind: BIC HOK TAM, which means butt in chair, hands on keyboard, typing away madly. Billed as “the online writing community,” Writers Cafe offers a social community in addition to a number of tools, including writing courses, a list of literary agents and an up-to-date list of writing contests. Once you’ve signed up, you can post your work, whether poetry, screenplays, novels or other types and get reviews and advice from other members. Take your online networking to the next level by participating in the site’s writing groups or discussing any number of topics in the online forum. This is a great, all-in-one resource for writers of any genre.

Of course, the key is to not spend too much time on these networks and neglect your writing. It’s always a balancing act, right?

If you’re a member of any of these networks, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to share any other online writing resources, too.

Image by Markus Rödder via Creative Commons

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