Women Grossly Underrepresented as Directors in Indie Films, Too

It’s not exactly news that women are underrepresented in the film industry, right? But it’s eye-popping when you take a good look at how truly stark the contrast is between males and females in directorial roles. My friend and the uber smart Melissa Silverstein showcases the truth of the matter in another great piece, this time about the representation of women in independent films.

Previously released numbers showed that less than 5% of studio movies in the past five years were directed by women so, when looking at the independent film world, it was only natural to hope for a better turnout. And while in the indie genre, women are a tiny bit better represented, (10% of indie films having been directed by women from 2009-2013), that’s still a very small number. To top it off, of the indie features released in this time period, only a lonely 11 were nominated for Oscars.

To gather this data, the 300 top-grossing films of every year from 2009 – 2013 were reviewed. Removed from the list were studio pics, documentaries, re-releases and others that fell into the miscellaneous category. Included are foreign films that were released in the United States. The studio that gave women the greatest representation in this time period? Sony Pictures Classics, with a whopping 12 women-directed films distributed.

Worth noting is the infographic Melissa shares in her article, and I’ve embedded it below. When I see the information and data collected like this, I feel what what can most certainly be called frustration, and possibly something quite a bit stronger! Our world is filled with women beyond capable and brimming with talent. Is it such a lofty dream to hope that we would be better represented in an industry that speaks to as many women as it does to men? What do you think?


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