The Giant Storybook Project: Art That’s Larger Than Life

Adventurous young rebels, enchanted wildlife, gargantuan giants, a king and a goddess or two … all this sounds like the makings of a grand tale, doesn’t it? And one that we’d certainly love to dig into! Just imagine if the tale was larger than life—colossal, in fact—and spread across a couple of continents. Now imagine it as the zenith of street art and children’s fantasy literature, and you have the Giant Storybook Project.


Public art – visual arts practiced in public spaces – is often mistaken solely for graffiti or street art, its oft lovely (or conversely crude, depending on your perspective) illegal form. While graffiti and public art are cousins of a sort, true public art is not vandalism at all. Generally, it’s art that’s been sanctioned on a grand scale. Taking this notion and running with it (and running a long, long way), the German street art duo Herakut is rocking the artistic world by expanding their public art into literature, too.

Herakut (Jasmine Siddiqui and Falk Lehman) took the idea of a children’s book suggested by their fans and brought it to life in epic proportions, telling their story in a series of murals painted on buildings around the world. The breathtaking literary adventure follows two young people, Jay and Lily, as well as a crew of whimsical animal creatures, giants, and even a moon goddess.

The Giant Storybook Project is unfolding in cities all over the world, drawing attention both to non-traditional art and children’s literature, as well as bolstering an interest in the arts in children wherever they leave their mark. The first two murals in the project were painted in Lexington, Kentucky in September 2012 after professors from Transylvania University commissioned the works and raised the funds to bring Herakut to the Bluegrass State.  So far, a total of 10 murals have been created in Kentucky,  GermanyMontrealTorontoRochester, San FranciscoMiamiMelbourne and Kathmandu.

This groundbreaking street art-turned-literature project is slated to conclude this fall, with the hopes of seeing Jay, Lily, and their supporting mystical cast in bookstores soon.

Herakut’s herculean work is truly inspiring on artistic and literary levels. We can’t wait to see what’s next from this talented and edgy duo.  Want to learn more about Herakut and the Giant Storybook Project? You can follow the project on Facebook and Tumblr, and Pinterest, or view the project’s video trailer. One thing’s for sure: this is one book we can’t wait to read!

Image via the Giant Storybook Project

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