Teen Entrepreneur Changes the Shape of Girls Underwear

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll notice that we’re all pretty passionate about empowering girls. Our team is comprised of all women—women who also happen to be mothers of daughters, so that’s a no-brainer. Brenda has written about how toys are heavily over-gendered and we agree. We also think that clothes for girls need some massive redesign. Look in the size 7-16 girls’ department at any major retailer and you’ll be inundated with clothes that are short, tight, frilly, and glittery – and unfortunately, very form-fitting as well. As luck would have it, shortly after discovering Girls Will Be and their mission to change girls clothing options, we also learned about a company that’s striving to do this in the undergarment arena. Any mom who’s been in the “girls” bra section will tell you what’s offered there is NOT for a girl’s body, but for a woman’s. Styles are sexual, padded, and in the shape of something that most girls needing their first bra would look and feel awkward in. Remember getting your first bra and how self-conscious you were?

As is becoming the norm these days, when there’s a problem involving something to do with girls, a girl steps up to solve it. And that’s just what 17-year-old Megan Grassell decided to do after a fruitless and frustrating bra shopping trip for her younger sister. Grassell had an epiphany moment in that dressing room and as a result, Yellowberry Bra Company was born. She describes that moment on Yellowberry’s (now funded – yay!) Kickstarter page: “I couldn’t believe the bras that she was supposed to buy. The choices for her, and for all girls her age (the 11-15 age group) were simply appalling to me. They were all padded, push-up, and sexual. Not only that, they did not fit her body properly, which automatically made me wonder ‘Where were the young, cute, and realistic bras for girls?!’ There were none! So, upon returning home I realized that I could do it; I could make those bras for girls.”


And make the bras she did. The Yellowberry currently features five bras for girls; they are all lined but not padded and do not have hooks or wires. They come in wonderfully fun colors but are also fabulously functional; giving young girls the support and comfort they need in a bra and nothing extra. They’re pricey, but it’s hard not to applaud what they’re trying to do for girls – even if it costs a little more. The company’s recent Kickstarter campaign surpassed their original goal, which means that appropriate underwear bottoms for girls are also soon to come to Yellowberry’s line.

We thought the story about how the company got its name was pretty cool. It comes from the idea that before a berry is ripe, it has a long stage as a “yellow” unripe berry, a stage that can’t be rushed if the berry is to reach its full, ripe potential. So it is, Grassell says, with girlhood and the teenage years. Currently clothing and bra options for girls are trying to push them out of that yellowberry stage and into maturation too soon, and that’s the last thing any of us need – especially young girls.

We’re happy to have discovered Yellowberry and really like their philosophy.  And the fact that this is a company founded by girls, for girls makes it even better. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for them down the road.

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Photo Credit: Yellowberry Company

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