Teaching Women and Girls Resilience

corstone center for personal resilience I’ve written before about charities that I respect and support—St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Habitat for Humanity, to name a couple. But now I’ve discovered a charity that has so inspired me that I actually joined the Board of Directors to help out more than just in a financial way. I’m truly excited about what we’re trying to accomplish, and I need to tell you about it.

The organization is called the Corstone Center for Personal Resilience. It’s a mouthful, I know, but the name has great meaning. Corstone is starting at the heart of the problem. Center is a safe place to find one’s center or balance. Personal takes into account the individual. And Resilience (now this is the key word to me) is the stamina and desire to be strong and carry on toward a better place.

Corstone is a very rare program that was developed to help underprivileged young women and girls gain and maintain the self-esteem needed for them to be strong enough to improve their own lives. It provides them with the knowledge–which is the key—to not only better their own lives but also to teach that to their next generations. Right now Corstone is doing this in India and we’ll soon start one in Kenya.

We are on the verge of having a huge impact, and we need to raise money to be able to move forward. The future of so many women and girls are depending on us. So I am reaching out to all of you to see if you can help just a little. I promise that I won’t be doing this on a regular basis, I’m just very passionate about this program, and I hope you will be, too.

We’ve started a fundraising effort on Crowdrise to help fund this initiative and I’ve written a better explanation of the program on the fundraising page. Take a look and, if you’re interested, please consider donating to Corstone. If you can help out, I would be so very grateful. And if you can’t I understand that, too. Thank you!

Image via Corstone

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