Learning 10 Life Lessons from Albert Einstein

albert einstein 10 life lessons The power of mentors and influential figures can’t be understated. And while we all likely have someone (or several someones) to whom we look up, we’re also lucky to collectively learn from people who not only blazed a trail doing what they love, but changed the world while doing it, too.

Albert Einstein is one such figure. You probably know him best for his contributions to science, including the famous E=mc2 equation that details mass and energy equivalence. Or maybe you’ve celebrated him because of his wild white hair. Beyond that, we don’t tap often enough into the words of wisdom Einstein shared with the world. From the simply stated to the profoundly put, there’s a lot we can take away from Einstein’s words—10 life lessons, in fact.

Follow Your Curiosity: Is there an area of life or work that you’ve always been interested in? Go to the library or the bookstore and pick up a book about that subject and start learning. You never know where it will lead!

Perseverance is Priceless: This, particularly in today’s age of immediate gratification, is especially difficult. However, it is absolutely true! Where would we be if Apple had given up on the prototype for the iPhone? What if Alexander Fleming had given up studying bacteriology and hadn’t discovered penicillin?

Focus on the Present: Another tough one! Past mistakes and failures are constantly creeping into our memories, reminding us of what we can’t do or didn’t do. Alternately, if we focus too much on what we could be doing in the future, we lose sight of what’s important now. If we stop and focus solely on what we’re doing, we tend to get more accomplished, and eventually discover that those past experiences are bringing us to a better place today.

The Imagination is Powerful: Remember when you were younger and everything was real? You were a superhero! You were a dragon slayer! You were a veterinarian! A chef! A film director! Remember those days, and embrace them. You can still be anything, if you put your mind to it.

Make Mistakes: We’re all going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable. Make them. Learn from them. Move on. And most importantly? Don’t dwell!

Create Value: You have to prove yourself in almost every aspect of life. Have confidence in your abilities, and show how you are valuable in any situation. Be a good friend. Be a hard worker. Be the best that you can be, and show everyone, even your adversaries, that you are a person of value.

Don’t Expect Different Results: Stuck in a rut? Shake things up! You can’t expect things to change if you let yourself become lodged in a routine.

Knowledge Comes From Experience: This sums up a lot of the aforementioned life lessons. You will stumble and fail. You will have success and achievements. Learn from all of them. And know that everything that happens—good or bad—helps to shape not just your career or interests, but who you are.

Live in the Moment: It’s easy to dwell on the past or be anxious about the future. Instead, try focusing on the present and savoring all that’s good in your life. After all, tomorrow will be here before you know it!

Learn the Rules and Then Play Better: This? Probably the most important rule of them all. And one that doesn’t need much more elaboration.

What do you think of Einstein’s life lessons? Who else do you look up to, admire and learn from?

Image via Library Garden

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