Mentoring: Time To Give vs. The Day Job

the importance of mentors I’ve come to a point since starting up my site and writing blogs that people are asking me to put my money where my mouth is (sorry for the cliché). In other words, I’ve had many requests for mentorship… so many, in fact, that I’m overwhelmed, not to mention incredibly flattered.

But that leaves me with a huge conundrum: How can I practice what I preach? (Yet another cliché to apologize for). How can I be a mentor to all who have asked?

Mentoring is so very important. I had mentors when I first started out in my career. Most of them were working with me, so they could mentor me while doing their day job. They mentored by example and by just being in close proximity for advice.

Although I’ve had some time over the last several months to work on my own projects, I did manage to go to Dublin to give some lectures and workshops… does that count as mentoring? I’d like to think that it does. I did manage to meet a few students independently for coffee and look at their work, answer questions, etc. But somehow, it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

So what to do now that I have a new day job? I still want to pay forward what was given to me when I was young and just starting out.

Here’s what I was thinking. My team and I will sort through all the questions that have been coming in for the past several months and start coming up with topics for me to write about – hopefully answering questions that many of you have and giving advice about certain paths of action.

In the meantime, I will still do the lecturing/workshop thing as much as I can and still have a family life! I’m also trying out the Motivarti mentorship program… I’ll see how it goes. I’m only mentoring one person to see if that’s all I can handle or if I can manage more the next go ‘round.

One final thought? Here’s a piece of advice for all of you: there are so many professionals out there, so start stalking!

Image by sburke2478 via Creative Commons

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