Join Me at Renaissance: The Art and Science of Apps

renaissance: the art and science of apps Apps are ubiquitous. With 729, 062 apps in the Apple app store and some 700,000 Android apps, you can probably find an app that’ll help you with virtually anything you want to see or do. The upcoming conference Renaissance: The Art and Science of Apps, scheduled for January 21-23 in San Francisco, will be a veritable mecca for app developers, brands and agencies looking to fine-tune their app development capabilities (or finding great developers with whom to partner).

So… as I’m sure all of you might be wondering, what the heck am I, a director of animated films, a storyteller and artist, going to be doing at this thing?!?!? I have to say I’m still kind of wondering.

At the same time, I am very, very curious and incredibly honored and flattered to be asked by Renaissance’s founder, Tim Burks, to do the opening keynote. I will be talking about the creative process, taking risks and initiative. I think that is universal, no matter what work people do. I am excited to be given the opportunity!

I have a feeling that I’m going to feel a bit undereducated being surrounded by all the app savvy folks who will be attending. I’m hoping that the heavens will part and a sunbeam of knowledge will enlighten my Jurassic brain when I listen to the other speakers and mingle with all the other smarter people attending.

The event schedule is a veritable goldmine for current and prospective app developers, and my fellow presenters are a group of really smart, pretty amazing people (yes, I’m intimidated). They’re doing presentations on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Animating Your App to Life
  • Beautiful Text
  • Audio Artistry
  • APIs for App Developers
  • Winning in the App Store
  • The iOS User Experience: Past, Present and Future

What’s an API? Can someone tell me before I get there? I can show them how to draw Mickey Mouse!

Image by Robert Scoble via Creative Commons

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