Channel Your Inner Filmmaker With 3 Stop Motion iPhone Apps

stop-motion iPhone apps Add “filmmaking” to the list of things your iPhone can do! If you have a newer iPhone, you’re likely able to record video. Ready to take your skills to the next level? Try one of three iPhone apps that let you create stop motion videos.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in animation or live-action films, honing your skills with tools like these stop motion apps is a great way to prepare yourself for your future education and career. And even if you’re not considering a career in the film industry, making movies is fun and makes for an enriching hobby.

Without further ado, grab your iPhone and let’s dive in to your stop motion filmmaking options.

Frame X Frame (Free): Created by JOBY, Frame X Frame is a comprehensive camera app that also allows you to produce and share stop motion videos. By stitching together your Time Lapse images, you can literally create a movie with the touch of a button. You can also choose the Stop Motion feature and set various parameters, including continuous or manual shutter, the number of shots, the interval and frames per second. Frame X Frame includes several features to help improve the quality of your photos and movies, including anti-shake, level, self-timer and a three-shot burst. Once you’re finished, Frame X Frame allows you to easily share your creations via Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Stop-Motion Camera (Free): Consider this the no-frills stop motion app. Stop-Motion Camera by BAENBARK is about as basic as it gets. Simply hit the “Start recording” button and, each time you want to snap a new photo, hit the red plus button in the bottom right corner. When you’re finished, hit stop and your video will be stored in your phone’s camera roll. Although the app doesn’t include any sharing features, you can email your video, post to YouTube or send via an MMS message as part of the iPhone’s photo sharing functions. This app is fast and easy, and is a great tool if you’re looking for the basics.

Stop Motion Café (Free): If you’re interested in a more robust stop motion app, Stop Motion Café by David Eccher is likely your first choice. Once you hit “Capture Frames,” a guide box appears in the window to help you frame your shots. Choose the length of time for each shot, as well as if you want flash or no flash. If you enable sound, a pinging noise alerts you when three seconds remain in your interval. Once you’ve captured your shots, you can see all of them and remove any that you don’t want in your video, then export your video to your phone’s camera roll. Additional features include multi-camera orientation, the ability to make rotating video and 720 pixel HD video.

Now that you have the tools, we hope you’ll go out and start filming! After all, who knows? Maybe you could create the next great stop motion film (move over, Tim Burton and Chipotle).

Image via Hipstamart

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