Apple Hosts Free Filmmaking Workshops for Kids

Apple filmmaking workshops for kids If your child is an aspiring filmmaker, make plans to sign up for Apple’s free filmmaking workshops, which provide an introduction to several filmmaking-related skills. Held at Apple retail stores around the country, Apple Camp sessions are designed for kids ages 8-12 and teach them a variety of skills so that they can create their own movies using iMovie.

The workshop includes 1.5-hour sessions that span three days. During the first session, campers will get an intro to the basics of moviemaking, including how to create a storyboard and using GarageBand to create an original soundtrack. Once the session concludes, campers will shoot footage that they’ll use during the next session to create a film.

On the second day, campers will import their movie footage onto a Mac and learn how to use iMovie to edit footage and add stills and music to create a film.

At the end of the workshop, campers have a chance to showcase their films to parents, relatives and friends during the Apple Camp Film Festival. Once the workshop concludes, participants can take their completed movies home.

Apple provides the equipment needed to participate in the workshop. Campers are free to bring their own Mac computers, as well as a digital or video camera and earphones, if you have them.

The workshop kicks off in July, so check for an Apple store nearby and sign up. Talk about a fun, educational way to spend a couple days this summer. It sure beats the summer vacations of the past, right? You gotta love technology! And who knows—your camper could become the next great director, storyboard artist, editor, animator—the possibilities are virtually endless!

If you decide to participate in Apple Camp, we’d love to hear about your experience. Feel free to stop back by and let us know how it goes!

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