Take Back Halloween! Girls Should Have An Empowered Choice When It Comes To Costumes

Fall is in full swing (seriously, you can’t take a step into a grocery or department store right now without tripping on a pumpkin or over a witch’s broomstick). Though Halloween can be a fun time for the whole family, it can also be a season of increased sexualization, particularly of young girls. Costume trends over the last decade or so have seen gender-neutral costumes, such as animals, and render them female with the addition of bows or tutus, or, worse still, to take a traditional female costume like Little Red Riding Hood and needlessly, yet blatantly, sexualize it.  As a result, there’s a whole lot of costume chaos to wade through to get to the decent All-Hallows Eve dress-up outfits for young girls.

Don’t believe us? Take one step into your local party store (or do a quick Google search) and see what kinds of costumes they have to offer. Sexy fairy, sexy bunny, sexy witch, sexy ghost and, yes, even sexy SpongeBob are things that are actually out there. Honestly, it’s enough to make your head spin.

Since we’re all about empowering girls and women here, we are thrilled that the geniuses at A Mighty Girl have come up with a way to circumvent the sexist Halloween mess.

Our friends at A Mighty Girl think that all girls deserve more interesting and imaginative ways to express themselves through dress-up than what is typically offered at department and toy stores. We couldn’t agree more! The “costume box” that our girls have been put in recent years, forcing them into arcane gender stereotypes, includes few creative options. That’s why we love this innovative compilation of over 200 empowering Halloween costumes for girls that A Mighty Girl put together. Here, you’ll find powerful girl character costumes like Hermione and Madeline, as well as fabulous gender-neutral ninjas, pirates, police officers, and doctors. From Amelia Earhart to a modest Wonder Woman costume, this list has every outfit a young girl could ever dream of wearing for hours of empowering fun on Halloween, or really, anytime she feels like dressing up. We especially love the animal costumes. From giraffe to dinosaur to panda, they’re all fur and no bear no unnecessary bows, tutus, or glitter. They’re just plain dress-up fun with plenty of room for imagination.

This year as Halloween draws near, let’s all approach our daughter’s and our own costume selections with this in mind: Our girls are receiving messages through media and retail outlets that no age is too young to be sexy. The popular costumes today are also sending a harmful image to young boys of what girls their age should dress and act like. Let’s commit to talking to our girls about what is and isn’t appropriate for Halloween, and let’s buy or make them costumes that showcase their creativity and protect their dignity.

Do you agree that Halloween costumes for girls have become increasingly sexualized over the last decade? What sorts of things are you doing to help the young girls in your life make empowered choices for their costumes? What sorts of things have they expressed interest in?

Image courtesy of A Mighty Girl

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