Fabulous Fashionistas Could Teach Us All Some Lessons

Fabulous Fashionistas Could Teach Us All Some Lessons

Empowering girls and women to be themselves and love themselves is something I’m really passionate about. And when I see women who are providing fantastic examples of what it really means to be  confident, empowered and “owning” their unique individuality and perspective on life, I try and do my part to spread the word. And when they’re a group of older women, there’s something about that that makes it even more special.

Fabulous Fashionistas is my latest find – a group of six older women (with an average age of 80, no less!!) who are making headlines as the subject of a new documentary on Britain’s BBC 4. They are just so amazing!

These spunky ladies are proving that you’re never too old to express yourself, and fashion is their way of making a statement and redefining the aging process—with attitude. An octogenarian in leopard print and combat boots? You betcha. And why not? Don’t you love it? Since ageism is often sexism’s fraternal twin (especially in film and media), the Fashionistas’ flamboyant styles and refusal to “dress their age” is such a refreshing way to give ageism and sexism a one-two punch. The documentary shows that these six women are not just dressing crazy to show off and draw attention to themselves—they’re embracing these unique styles because they are embracing themselves; dressing on the outside to reflect the way they feel on the inside. As one of the Fashionistas says, it’s not about looking younger; it’s about “having an identity beyond old lady.”

These women are being recognized in the documentary (and in the resultant media coverage) for how they dress—and act–in spite of their ages. I suspect the reality is that these women have been unique for decades—probably even their whole lives. And I am absolutely certain that their individual spirit and pride in being who they are has been a big reason for their good health and the long lives they’ve been blessed to live. The rest of us could learn from that example—I know I could!

Have you seen the Fabulous Fashionistas? If not, here’s a look–

And if you end up watching the documentary, I’d love to know what you think of it. I found myself smiling just watching this trailer thinking “You go, ladies. That’s the way to rock it.”

IMAGE SOURCE:  (says: Photograph: Channel 4)

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