Ginger-haired Flash Mob Gathers at Drum Castle

ginger snap flash mob Although I’m a wannabe redhead, I literally laughed out loud when I heard about Scotland’s first-ever “Ginger Snap” – a flash mob comprised of red-haired members that’s gathering today at Drum Castle. And I’m truly honored that they’re gathering to celebrate the release of my movie, Brave!

What better place to pay tribute to a flame-haired Scottish princess than at an historic castle? As you may have noticed from the movie, Scotland is one of my favorite places on Earth. So the fact that this event is taking place in a gorgeous country, an incredible castle and involves a whole bunch of redheads—oh, I wish I could be there!

My hat is off to The National Trust for Scotland, organizers of the Ginger Snap. What a fun idea! The concept: red-haired men, women and children from all over the countryside descended on Aberdeenshire, the home of Drum Castle. They assembled in the castle’s main courtyard at noon, and the flash mob event began shortly thereafter. After participating in the revelry, the passel of redheads receives free entry to explore the amazing property.

Here’s a fascinating fact: Aberdeenshire boasts Scotland’s highest concentration of red hair. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping that each and every flame-haired Scot showed up to celebrate at the castle!

I’ll be there in spirit—and wish I could have jumped on a supersonic jet and made it to Scotland in time for the event. Instead, to the lucky ones who are there – I’ll be thinking about all of you as you gather in one of my favorite countries in honor of something that is so near and dear to my heart. It’s a wonderful thing to be a redhead – I do try to be… every six weeks—and the real thing is most definitely something worth celebrating!

If you happen to be reading this and participated in the flash mob, I’d love to hear all about it—and see a picture, too, if you get a chance to share it. If so, pop over to Facebook and share it on my wall.

Who knows—maybe the idea of these ginger-haired flash mobs will spread beyond Scotland and redheads around the globe can unite in a celebration of their hair, heritage and a strong princess who knows what she wants—and isn’t afraid to pursue her dreams. If that’s not an excuse to gather together and let our hair down (pun intended), well, I don’t know what is!

Image via the National Trust for Scotland

  • Kenny Barillas

    Believe me, once again, Scotland was home to a relative of mine, I visited Scotland once and I love it. This is a beautiful story. ¿Imagine a bunch of red hair around a Scottish castle honoring “Brave”?, That is not very often. Only lack that you’re there! (and also Merida) And so would the whole clan of redheads 😀

    • brendachapman

      Aw. Thanks, Kenny! 🙂

      • Kenny Barillas

        You’re welcome! 🙂

  • David

    I think you’ve started a whole new “redheaded” trend. Congrats on the worldwide acclaim for “Brave,” Brenda!

    • brendachapman

      Ha! Thank you, David!

  • jannymac

    Och, aye….I, too, am a redhead via better living through chemistry…but was born one! Mother nature has a wicked sense of humour! Anyway, watching the movie was like going back for an hour or two, and I only wish you and I both could have been there!

    • brendachapman

      Och, aye! Me, too! 🙂

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