Done Not Done: Easily Manage Your Media

done not done app If your organizational habits are anything like ours, you create two types of to-do lists: one for school or work tasks, and the important one—you know, the list that includes all of the music you want to listen to, movies you want to watch and books you want to read.

And if your “Must Watch/Read/Listen To” list is a little out-of-control, don’t fret! We recently stumbled on a nifty app called Done Not Done that lets you keep track of your media consumption—and better yet, you can call on your Facebook and Twitter friends to help you conquer your list.

You can use the app on the web or with your iPhone. Sign in using your Twitter or Facebook log-in and finish adding your account details. After that, Done Not Done will help you start creating your list by giving you a selection of movies, books and albums. You can choose to classify them as “Done” or “Not Done” and add them to your respective list. You don’t necessarily have to select them all—the service simply wants you to add one item to your “Done” list and one to your “Not Done” list before proceeding.

Need some inspiration? Click Ideas at the top of the page and Done Not Done will provide recommendations based on what your friends have picked. Or you can input search queries for things you want to watch, listen or read.

We love the inherently social aspect of Done Not Done. Not only do you get recommendations based on your friends’ list—you can also see what books, movies and music you have in common with your friends so you can do fun things like plan watch parties, concert meet-ups or book clubs.

Give it a try and see what you think—both the iPhone and web app are free. And once you do, swing back by and tell us what’s at the top of your Not Done list. We’re always on the lookout for media recommendations!

Image via Beautiful Pixels

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