Calling All Movie Lovers: Vintage Movie Poster Auction

heritage auctions movie poster auction If you’re a movie fanatic and have a few thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket, we have an incredible opportunity for you! Heritage Auctions is hosting a movie poster auction Thursday and Friday that includes some incredibly rare pieces, many of which are from the amazing collection of Leonard Maltin.

Of course, that begs the question: Leonard! Why are you parting with so many fantastic pieces?

“We’re trying to simplify our lives,” Leonard writes in a blog post. “We haven’t taken anything off the walls that we live with and enjoy; there’s just too much ‘stuff’ stashed in cabinets and closets.”

Our friends at Cartoon Brew have the scoop on some of the items that will be available—and for those who love animation, these are some simply incredible pieces. You can bid on one-sheets from Mutt & Jeff in Occultism, Disney’s Donald Applecore and Don’s Fountain of Youth, or a full set of lobby cards for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (cue wistful sigh). A three-sheet from Dumbo is also slated for the auction block.

Plus, the auction will include what’s reportedly Disney’s first Mickey Mouse poster. Talk about the ultimate holiday gift!

Here’s a look at the complete auction line-up. We’ve found ourselves getting completely lost in all of the beautiful pieces. Snow White! Alice in Wonderland! Cinderella! Fantasia! Peter Pan! Pinocchio! Can you imagine owning these iconic pieces of movie history?

Speaking of, here’s a thought—maybe we could all pool our money and buy one thing, then take turns displaying it in our homes? We can dream, right?

If you decide to participate in the auction, we’d love to know the item on which you’re bidding! And while we’re all off in movie dreamland, let’s take the fun one step farther. If you could own one original movie poster, which would it be?

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