2011 CTN Animation Expo: Late Night With ‘The Lion King’

CTN Animation Expo Late Night With The Lion King The annual CTN Animation Expo is one of the industry’s best resources for education and networking. Attendees have an invaluable opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the animation industry and learn from industry leaders, whether it’s attending “Breakfast with the Pros,” scheduling a professional critique or observing a live demo from an industry creator.

During the 2011 expo, our own Brenda Chapman spoke on a panel entitled “Late Night with The Lion King,” a discussion that brought together several key members of the film’s talent, including director Roger Allers, supervising animator Ruben Aquino, supervising animator Andreas Deja, supervising animator Mark Henn, art director Andy Gaskill, writer Irene Mecchi and director Rob Minkoff.

The discussion, moderated by Charles Solomon, provided fascinating insight into one of Disney’s most popular—and successful—animated films. The panelists discussed process, design and how they worked together to create iconic characters like Simba and Mufasa, as well as a story so beloved it made the leap from movie screen to theater stage.

When asked about her collaboration as head of story with writer Irene Mecchi, Brenda called Irene ‘one of those rare writers—she was just part of the process. It was a really great working relationship.”

And the event proved to be not only a trip down memory lane for those involved with the film, but also for the audience, too. Ruben talks about the lack of technology such as video-conferencing throughout the film’s process, and other panelists make reference to faxes and mail while jokingly asking the audience if they remember such archaic tools.

Jokes aside, the panel presented an opportunity for attendees to learn more about what it takes to make a successful animated film. And those are the types of resources that are available as part of the CTN Animation Expo. Be sure to mark your calendars for this year’s event, to be held November 16-18 in Burbank, Calif. And if you’d like to watch “Late Night With The Lion King in its entirety, we’d be glad to oblige—simply click the video below!

Late Night with “Lion King” – A Celebration of “The Talent” from Creative Talent Network on Vimeo.

What did you think of the panel discussion? And are you planning to attend this year’s CTN Animation Expo?

Image via IMDB

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