How To Get Your Portfolio Noticed

A portfolio is a critical element in pursuing a career in the animation industry. When we found Aron Shay’s detailed, insightful blog on how to get your portfolio noticed by companies and recruiters, we knew we had to share it with you! We hope you find some helpful tips that give you inspiration for your own portfolio. Enjoy! Hi! To begin, I want to make note that I’m not a recruiter nor am I familiar with what each department is looking for exactly, as each area is bound to be different and I’m located in publishing. What I can do however, is point you in the direction of some resources you might find helpful. I will also include things I learned/saw as I was going through school, and looking for work and what helped me get found as an artist. To cut to...

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The Wonderful Worlds of Studio Ghibli

If you, on a whim, decided to watch all of Studio Ghibli’s feature films in a row, you’d find yourself on quite the cinematic journey. You’d travel through toxic jungles, flying houses and underwater kingdoms, as well as confront the bleak realities of war-torn Japan. You’d see pigs going to war, raccoons transforming into people and, of course, an encounter with the great fluffy beast better known as Totoro (pictured above). Japan’s powerhouse animation studio is remarkable for its astonishingly consistent catalogue of film titles which, while retaining the Ghibli spirit, display diversity and creativity within each of its entries. If you haven’t yet entered into the worlds of Studio Ghibli, I’m here to do my part in convincing you to take the leap....

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